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Spiritual: It is expected that either the student or at least one parent has made a profession of faith in Christ.

Academic: The student must show competence for satisfactory academic performance based on prior grades and standardized test scores.

Behavior: Students will abide by a code of conduct requiring discipline, respect for authority, neatness in physical appearance, courteous and appropriate speech, and abstinence from sexual immorality, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.


  1. Request an admissions packet from the school or online.
  2. Return or submit the Application for Admission, enclosing names of references, a personal testimony, and other items specified in the application.
  3. Participate in a parent and student interview with the Admissions Committee if deemed necessary by the Committee.
  4. Be accepted for enrollment to Corn Bible Academy. 


Applications should be made well in advance of anticipated attendance. We prefer that students apply during April and May for the fall semester and during September and October for the spring semester.


After being notified of acceptance into CBA, you will be notified of registration and enrollment dates. On registration day, the student and at least one parent will come to the school to fill out the necessary papers for enrollment and financial arrangements.

If you have additional questions, please contact: Superintendent Dr. Greg Giles at 

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