As a private Christian school, CBA does not receive any funds from the state of Oklahoma. Because of this,CBA operates fiscally through charitable giving* and by charging tuition.


  • Tuition & Fees for grades 7-8: $5,675
  • Tuition & Fees for grades 9-12: $5,995
  • Lunches: $600
  • Bus transportation: $1,000 - $1,100
  • Room and Board: $3,500
  • Activity Fee: $125
  • Application Fee: $25
  • Band Instrument Rent (optional): $35-$50 per semester
  • HS Choir Outfit: $35-$55 only once during high school

International student cost information can be found here.


  • Pay by the year
  • Pay by the semester
  • Pay in 10-11 equal payments through FACTS. (You may pay the July payment by cash or check. The second and subsequent payments will be made through FACTS. You will be asked to sign up for FACTS if you choose the monthly plan. Any extra charges will be paid by the families choosing this option.)

Any alterations from the three options above will need to be cleared with the Board Financial Committee.


Most tuition assistance is based on family financial need. In order to demonstrate that need for assistance, please create an on-line account at www.cfslogin.com. A confidential financial analysis is performed by an outside third party to determine need. The CBA registration number is 32262. Once an account is created, begin the process by clicking the menu item: download forms and worksheets. For help, email CFS at: help@cfslogin.com. The analysis will cost $40. After entering all the appropriate information, click review and print a copy. Then click “submit application”. Each application is objectively analyzed based on current income and expenses with consideration given to circumstances. This analysis estimates how much you could contribute towards your child’s education. Special or extenuating circumstances need to be expressed by clicking “request for exception”. After reviewing, the school will make a decision about your tuition assistance. (Paper forms are also available in the school office.) 


Qualification for a need-based grant is determined by your application through www.cfslogin.com. This year, one third of our students receive varying levels of grants. These grants are currently funded by the generosity of CBA donors to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund, which was created by the State of Oklahoma legislature. Please see www.osfkids.org for more information on how this program functions. CBA also funds scholarships from earnings off our endowment.  Most recipients of need-based grants are also expected to participate in the work-study program to reduce the amount of grants needed. 


Qualification for the need-based work-study program is determined by your application through www.cfslogin.com. This program is funded by the generosity of CBA donors to the endowment fund. Interest earned on our endowment fund covers the cost of $400 of tuition assistance to each student in this program. Students are required to work on campus before or after school, or during lunch. Tasks typically take approximately 20 minutes per day. Job examples include: washing windows, collecting trash, serving lunch, washing dishes, vacuuming floors, etc.


  • Anonymous Scholarship –$400 
  • Harms Scholarship – $600 (for a student from a single parent family)
  • Shannon Watts Scholarship – $500 
  • ABP Schmidt Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 (Awarded to two students yearly)
  • Ben and Elizabeth Brown Memorial Scholarship - $500 (Awarded to two students yearly)
  • John Dennis Memorial Scholarship - $600 (Must have & maintain a minimum of ‘B’ average)

2018-19 DISCOUNTS**

Currently, 80% of our students receive at least one form of discount. These are unfunded discounts provided by CBA. A student can qualify for multiple discounts, except in the case of CBA employees. 

  • CBA Employee-50% tuition 
  • WOCS Employee-15% tuition
  • Transportation Discount-50% on 2nd & subsequent child 
  • Reduced Lunch Fee-85% (based on income level & family size) 

*If you would like more information on ways to support CBA financially, please visit our Support CBA page.

**subject to change

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