Basketball at CBA dates back to the 1950s, so Corn has seen its fair share of quality basketball teams. Notable accomplishments include the 2009 men’s state tournament playoff appearance, and the 2011 state championship won by the Lady Crusaders.

“I am so grateful to be able to play basketball. I love the sport and my teammates with all of my heart. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my high school basketball career will bring.” 
—Bradyn Brown

2018-19 Junior High Basketball Schedule

Nov 5
at Binger-Oney
6:30 PM
Nov 12, 15, 17
Lomega Tournament
Nov 26
vs. Arapaho
6:30 PM
Nov 27
at Hydro
4:00 PM
Nov 29
at Hammon
6:30 PM
Dec 3
vs. Okarche
6:30 PM
Dec 4
vs. Burns Flat
4:00 PM
Dec 11
vs. Calumet
4:30 PM
Dec 13
at Mt. View
4:00 PM
Jan 3at Lookeba-Sickles6:30 PM
Jan 7
vs. Union City6:30 PM
Jan 14, 17, 19West Central Tournament @ SWOSU
Jan 18at Geary4:00 PM
Jan 28at Gracemont6:00 PM

2018-19 High School Basketball Schedule

Nov 16
vs. Sweetwater5:00 PM
Nov 27at Hydro-Eakley*6:30 PM
Nov 30at Binger/Oney*
6:30 PM
Dec 4vs. Burns Flat
6:30 PM
Dec 6-8
Granite Tournament

Dec 11
vs. Calumet6:30 PM
Dec 13
at Mt. View
6:30 PM
Jan 4
vs. Gracemont*6:30 PM
Jan 5
at Arapaho
Jan 8vs. Hammon6:30 PM
Jan 10-12Hinton Tournament
Jan 15vs. Lookeba-Sickles*6:30 PM
Jan 18at Geary*6:30 PM
Jan 21-26West Central Tourney @ SWOSU
Jan 29at Union City*
6:30 PM
Feb 1-2
Washita Valley Festival @ SWOSU

Feb 5
at Canute
6:30 PM
Feb 8-9

*District Games


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